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Need someone who’s in Yiwu, China, which can help you sourcing, inspecting and forwarding goods to your country? We’re the right sourcing partner you can trust!

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We Are A Group Of Young Enthusiast

Established in 2016, Yiwu Modern is a start-up and growing company. We’re specialized in product sourcing, and simplifying the process of Buying from China. We offer professional sourcing services for medium to small business enterprises.

With our highly experienced and enthusiast team, we’re always ready to source the perfect item which you’re looking for. We can also inspect your goods, forward it to you. What we can do is more than that, I know lots of you need your own branding and packaging, especially for those overseas online marketers, we do the right job.



We can help you souring the product you’re looking for, from the right manufacturer, at right price.


We help you communicating with the factory and customize the product with your own branding.


We know that you need your own branding & packaging, we do a perfect job to make the product truly “yours”.


We help you delivering products to your own country or desired destination from a trusted third-party logistics company.


We help labeling on each product and on the package as per your request, and ship to your fulfillment center.

Product Inspection

We help you auditing the factory, inspecting products before shipment, to make your sourcing experience hassle-free. 


We have 10+ happy and repeated clients from North & South America, Europe and Middle-East, see what’s they say about us and our services.

Perfect and fluid work with this guys, buy more than $200.000 with them with no problem and keep growing. I went to Yiwu last month to know this guys and they are extremely kind and respectful people.

Jose, Paraguay

As an Amazon seller, we always have absolutely strict requirements upon all the items, the design, the quality, the production, packing and labeling and everything like that, but they never turned to be a problem for Yiwu Modern.

Rachel, USA
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